Electronic - Security

Electronic - Security

Digital Surveillance

High-end Closed Circuit Television [CCTV] Systems are installed to monitor your premises 24/7 to safeguard your loved ones. The system identifies activities of people and if there is a theft, CCTV records can help in identifying the details. CCTV cameras internally transmit to a recording device known as DVR. IP cameras connect to your smart phone via internet/wifi network, enabling you to view the live videostream from anywhere. If any suspicious activities are observed, these cameras allow for further enhancing and zooming to search for clues and evidences. This allows for the monitoring of any illegal activity and take faster action against it. CCTV cameras connect to a DVR to store captured videos in a hard disk. This DVR converts analogue signals to digital format for recording. IP cameras capture pure digital information which is then recorded via devices like NVR.

High-end CCTV cameras monitor your premises 24/7 to safeguard your loved ones

Smart Burglar Alarm

Smart Burglar Alarm Security system is an advanced version of PIR sensor based security system. The unit consists of an PIR/door/window sensor which detects human body temperature,a PSTN or GSM unit where a regular telephone line connection or sim card can be connected respectively. It is an electronic home security device which automatically dials the stored numbers when there is any intrusion at home. The intrusion is sensed by the PIR/door/window sensors placed at strategic locations. When there is breach of sensors, the alarm system will call recorded numbers and play warning voice message. Once the system is armed, the sensors are examined continuously. As soon as there is a signal of intrusion from the sensor, the alarm system dials the saved numbers one by one in cyclic fashion. This is done till the system is disarmed manually or remotely. The sensors can be placed in front of large windows,doors and balconies.

Home Safety System

Our home safety system consists of wireless smoke sensor and LPG detector. The Smoke Sensor lets you know of a threat of even the smallest amount of smoke with multi-colour RGB LED diode and built-in sound siren to take immediate action. Some materials burn without smoking. Hence it is included with additional protection in the form of temperature sensor. If the amount of smoke will not be enough to trigger the alarm, the device will still be able to detect threat discovering a rapid change of temperature caused by fire. You can connect the sensor to 12 or 24 VDC adapter if you wish. Or leave it in battery powering mode and enjoy up to 3 years uninterrupted operation. It has built in self test feature. It is part of the wireless automation system. Hence there is no need of any additional control unit. Along with the detection it can also do further protective action like opening roller blinds, opening garage gate and windows, and illuminating safe escape route. Our LPG Gas Detector protects your home if there is any cooking gas leakage. It is highly reliable and Stable with in-built self test function. It comes with both LED diode and built-in sound siren to take immediate action. It senses LPG(butane, propane) at households and Gas from pipelines and natural gas(methane). It is AC powered .Along with the detection it can also close the gas line through the valve attached to gas line to avoid any unexpected disaster.