Entrance Management

Entrance Management

Video Door Phones

A Video Door Phones make your life more secure by helping you to manage people who arrive your at door step. It provides both audio and video interface to the interact with the visitor. It includes one (or multiple) indoor unit and one (or multiple) outdoor unit. The outdoor unit consists of a bell button, an embedded camera, a speaker and a microphone. Outdoor units are also equipped with IR night vision and are weatherproof units tested in dusty and rainy conditions. The indoor unit consists of a touch screen / LCD screen with various sizes with touch buttons, speaker and a microphone. The visitors at the door, push the bell button at outdoor unit which triggers a sound notification at the indoor unit. At indoor unit you can see and talk to the person who is standing outside by pressing answer button. The indoor units captures the image when the bell rings and stores in internal memory. This helps in knowing who came home when you were away from home. There is an additional option, in the form of an unlock unit and an electric strike lock fitted to the door, which helps in opening the door just by pressing unlock button on indoor unit. The indoor unit can be installed anywhere in the home so that you need not go to the front door to attend your visitors. The Video Door Phones are available in both wired and wireless models to suit your personal preferences.

WiFi Video Door Phones

WiFi video door phone is more advanced video door phone which works by just installing the outdoor unit outside the door and installing the android or iOS app in your smart phone. The installation is simple and flexible. The mobile app can by installed in more than one smart phone. Use your Smartphone to see and speak to your visitors from anywhere. The WiFi video door phone includes camera with night vision and a touch button door bell. It connects wirelessly to the WiFi network via router or network cable. When the visitor presses the door bell, the mobile device can interact with the door bell through real time video and audio, enabling you to take photos, take videos, monitor your home from anywhere. You can also receive motion detection (PIR ) alarms to your smart phone, if someone stays very closer to the door phone.

IP Video Intercoms

Screen your visitors at the security entrance, from the Smart audio-video console in your living room. A TCP/IP system that provides state-of-the-art management of communication to the security entrance, with simplicity to use and to match your prestigious residential and commercial complexes. The intercom unit is installed at the entry point of the building. The individual video door phone indoor and outdoor units are installed at every residence. The indoor units can be used to communicate with other residences indoor units, residence outdoor door unit and intercom placed at building entrance etc. IP intercom is an ideal solution for any door communication requirements. It comes with many accessories, such as the display, card reader, attendance system, and keypad which offer a broad range of uses. You can choose any combinations to suit your building. With this system you can impress your visitors, right at your entrance.