Smart Home

Smart Home

Light Automation

We have a wide range of solutions for light automation.The major advantage of all of our automation solutions is that every solution we provide needs no change in the existing wiring system. All our solutions are based on wireless Z-wave technology and hence do not need any extra wiring. We make your home existing switch panels as smart switch panels which can be controlled using our remote controllers as well as can be controlled using any smart phone or tablet pc. We also offer you RBG/warm/white smart LED lamps which can be fitted to regular light socket and can be controlled using our remote controller. To add more comfort to your life, we also provide light dimmers which can be controlled with your smart phone.

Environmental Control

Install our smart sensors which provide the current room temperature and light intensity to you on your smart phones. AC will switch on automatically when the temprature has crossed threshold temperature set by you. Heaters will switch on automaticallyl when the temprature has dropped below threshold temperature set by you. Control your air conditioner using our smart remote controller. Introduce our motorized curtain controller to automatically control the light that enters your home with a single click on your smart phone. Close your curtains sitting on the couch before you strart watching a movie with your family.

Multimedia Control

Eliminate the hassles of searching and switching between multiple remote controllers by using our smart all in one universal remote controller to operate your Television, Music System and your Home Theater. Use our smart media center unit to control the multimedia devices using your smart phones . The basic functionality like changing the channels, volume control, switching on and off the device can be performed with out switching between different complicated remote controllers. Enjoy media from any source. Stream videos, music and photos from your USB drive, network drive and PC at your home. Our media library collects the contents from all the drives, so finding the perfect video, song or photo to view is easier than ever.

Auto Lighting

Motion detection based auto lighting units switch on the lights only if you are around and switch off when you leave that area. They not only make your home a green home by conserving energy but also reduce your electricity bills. Motion sensors can be installed at strategic locations which sense the human body temperatures. In case of any motion in the vicinity of the sensors coverage area, they switch on the lights. These lights will be switched on as long as there is motion and will automatically be switched off in case the area is unoccupied. Best suited for bathrooms, balconies, staircases. The outdoor motion detection sensors have a range of around 12 meters with 180 degrees area coverage. They have the option of setting the amount of time the lights needs to be switched on. They also have a lux controller which can be set manually allowing the lights to switch on only when it is dark outside. Another variant includes a solar panel which gets charged during the daytime and switches on the lights only during the night times.These are best suited for garages, path ways and other common areas.

Mood setter

Use our wall mounted touch panel interface or our web based smart phone application to define different mood settings according to your personal choices. Program a mood to set the brightness of lights, curtain position, temperature of air conditioner according to your requirement. Pre-programmed moods like night mode, dinner mode, movie mode etc will already be available for you. Select the required devices that needs to be controlled together, set the states of every device once and you are ready to enjoy the mode by just a single click everytime you need that mood.

Control Appliances

Wall Plug with power metering feature is an intelligent, ultimate plug & play, extremely compact, most sophisticated, remotely controlled outlet adapter. This highly functional wall plug can be applied wherever you want to control switching on or switching off an electrical devices, while monitoring power consumption in a convenient and maintenance-free way. The Wall Plug requires no installation tools or electrician. Just take it out of the box, put it into an electrical outlet, and plug in any electrical device. The device is equipped with a special, built-in plug cover that provides socket safety. This is especially useful in protecting your babies, whose curiosity and creativity in their youngest years is endless.